Animating Dreams, Igniting Realities.

In today’s bustling digital landscape, standing out is a challenge for every Digital Communication Specialist.

Enter CELT – we craft engaging motion graphic animations that blend 2D and 3D styles with kinetic typography, bringing depth and clarity to your message.
Our multidisciplinary team collaborates with ambitious communicators, ensuring your narrative leaves a lasting impact. Whether attracting customers or onboarding new hires, let us create animations tailored to your needs.

Reach out today for a chat about your animation requirements and captivate your audience with a lasting impression.

We wield a powerful arsenal of creative tools: After Effects and Adobe Animate for stunning visuals and flawless animations, Fusion for advanced compositing, Nuke for versatility, Unreal Engine for immersive 3D experiences and Blender for modeling CELTs creatures.

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