MERLIN the Mage!

Once upon a time, on a mountain, a
legend was born…

Okay, maybe it wasn’t on a mountain top…
but, I’m Merlin!

I am a unique piece of machinery. Made with a passion for technology and people’s experience. I am magical, that’s why they call me Merlin the Great. I make great and
extraordinarily special visual products!

My creator has decided to implement an innovative functional system for an exquisite performance, combining the Celt Legacy to its utmost use for their clients. Making the magic appear inside and outside the usual facilities.

Yes, my family is a young structure with an
elderly experience boost. Yes, we have a specific attitude towards our clients – sometimes as freelance young professionals that jump in and solve the problem with an out-of-the box thinking, sometimes as a leading edge production house with possibilities in many serious programming issues for innovative productions. But no, I am not the only performance component- don’t look at me like that!

I am the leader of my components, the Mage of my family and I am representing others that live with me in a cutting edge facility equipped
home at Celt Production Studio, Ljubljana.

Some examples of magic.


Introducing MERLIN, the revolutionary 6-axis control robot that redefines what’s possible in the world of robotics.

MERLIN’s limitless axis 4 and 6 give you the power to explore new realms of creativity, leaving the competition in the dust and achieving feats previously unattainable!

With its sleek and compact design, MERLIN not only offers unparalleled stability and speed but also guarantees flawless and consistent performance in every motion. Its’ exceptional repeatability ensures precise results, hitting the mark with unparalleled accuracy, time and
time again.

Navigating from a gamepad to MERLIN is a seamless and user- friendly experience, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your artistic vision without worrying about complex controls. Embrace the future of robotics and let MERLIN take your motion projects to extraordinary heights. Unleash the magic of motion with our

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