Our newly built recording facility located in Split city centre on the beautiful Croatian Dalmatian coast. It is located 10 min walk from Split Old Town, Riva and Diocletian palace.

Following the modern recording studio concept, the facility itself is designed as a big 130 m2 all in one place with 4m high ceiling for live recording, mixing, live rehearsal and live audio/video broadcast. But for those who like to have small tight sounding places, we will also have two Iso boots which are currently under construction. We are also equipped with a 35 m2 large lounge and living area with a small kitchen. And yes, a bath and toilet is also to be found around.

About our big live room:

Acoustically, it is divided in two sections. Band and live area have controlled reverb 20Hz-20kHz in RT60 value 500-600 ms and at mixing position 230-300 ms. It is big enough to accommodate a larger orchestra up to 25 pax or a band with 20-25 pax audience for live broadcast. Iso boots: tight as possible, but with a hell of a diffusion. We will see when it comes to this. Sooner than later.

But, the main highlight is that the whole system is built around our beautiful and fully functional 56 ch analog SOUNDCRAFT Series FIVE console in mint condition.

And now, we come to the studio and recording equipment nerds and geeks section.

Main console:

Soundcraft Series Five 56 ch – 48 mono + 4 stereo

Monitoring console:

Yamaha TF5 with Dante card – 6 stereo cue / headphones / in-ear mixes

Main monitors:

Neumann KH420 + Subs


Yamaha HS7

Yamaha NS10

Avantone Cube

Main recording and mixdown rig:

Up to 40 ch I/o – depends on sample rate

Apple Mac Mini M1 2022 + Focusrite Dante card

Antelope Audio Galaxy Synergy core 32 I/o Dante

Steinberg UR824 – ADAT I/o to Galaxy

Second rig:

Analog style Antelope plugin inserts on an analog desk and stereo/stems print and recording:

Up to 20/32 I/o

Apple MacBook Pro Intel, late 2018

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy core

Steinberg UR824 – ADAT I/o to Orion Studio

Recording software:

Logic Pro X

Cubase 12

Studio One 5

Pro-Tools – we do not have them. Yet. Do you need it? We will buy it and learn it quickly…


Antelope audio Synergy plugins(almost all of them), SSL, Slate, Plugin alliance, Isotope, Soft-tube, Native Instruments – all latest versions – would need another day to write them all down. Needed almost a day for this one.


Soundcraft desk preamps 56x

Universal Audio LA-610 2x

Warm audio WA73-EQ 4x

Manley Core 2x



SSL Bus+ – just ordered – will be available soon

SSL Fusion

EL Distressor 2x

Black lion audio Bluey CLA 1176 2x

Black lion audio 1176/La2a combo unit 2x

Clark Teknik 1176 2x

Tegeler Audio Magnetismus 2

Tegeler Audio VTC – vari tube comp

IGS Audio Tubecore 3H – vari-mu comp


Soundcraft desk 4 band fully parametric EQ with sweepable HI/LO pass filters 56 ch

Warm Audio WA73 EQ 4x


Tegeler Audio EQP 1 – dual channel pultec tube eq

Reverbs and FX:

TC Electronic M3000

TC Electronic Reverb 4000

TC Electronic M350 multi fx

Yamaha SPX 900

Yamaha SPX 90 / II – old snare reverb Heaven

Mic locker:

Various, from cheap but great sounding mics to very very expensive but even better sounding mics from Neumann, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Warm Audio, Audix, Rode, Audio-Technica and and…

Musicians playground:


Mapex Saturn V walnut/maple shell set 22/10/12/16“ – brand new and beautiful red maple to fade to black colour

TAMA SLP maple snare 14/5 “

Meinl dark cymbals set – 9 cymbals

Zildjian set of A/Z/K custom – 8 cymbals

Tama Iron cobra hi hat stand and double pedal

Tama heavy duty hardware

various Tama, Meinl and LP percussions


Bass players:

Fender P Bass Duff McKagan

Heavy modified Jazz bass with Seymour Duncan passive pickups and electronics – 4 strings

Yamaha 4 strings P/Jazz style pickups

Ashdown ABM EVO II head

Ashdown bass box 2×10” + 1×15”

MARK BASS EVO1 modelling head


Six strings and pedal geeks and regular guitar players:

Gibson les Paul 2007 AAA Flame top with Seymour Duncan Slash pickups

Fender Stratocaster plus 1995 silver metallic sunburst with gold lace sensors

Fender Stratocaster 1977 vintage one piece Alder body

Gibson Songwriter deluxe 12 string acoustic

Squier Jaguar deluxe heavy modified with Duncan humbuckers in P90 style

Matamp 1950’ 100w valve head – it would be Orange his name in 1970’ – old and vintage but rocks

Crate VC50 combo – late 1970 – 2 x 12”

VOX AC 15 head

ORANGE OR 15 head – Matamps younger, much younger half brother

Randall 2 x 12” speaker box

DV Mark EVO 1 modeling amp head

DV MARK 4 x 12” guitar speaker box


Last but not least, for those who run up and down thru all kind of black and white keys:

Yamaha P 515 B stage piano

Alesis 61 key midi controller



Thez should check the mic locker above….


We are a holiday and vacation city – there are a lot of nice apartments and nice but expensive hotels within a 10 minutes walk range… so we will gladly find something suitable for you and for your creative vacation…