Make great videos.

They perform.

What is useful to know about CELT.

What sets our video production service apart is our commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

We are technologically driven company with a passion for making extraordinary visual products. We like to look things in a very different way. 

We can give you the whole experience, starting from your creative idea, all the way to the final product . And, you can start in collaborating in one part, depending on your wish and need at the moment – later, you will fall in love, just like we did, with our work. This is our motive to work with you and for you. Our process is unique and flexible.

We love technology and when you combine art and engineering for business, amazing things can happen. Our goal is to take any job and offer multiple solutions for your best results, ensure you get what you’re looking for – but also, check if it is viable and affordable, most of all if it will bring you more money for your business!

Some examples of our WORK


Always strive for excellence and innovation – that is our motive.
But, the client’s needs come first, and that is our prerogative.

During our many years in the business, we have seen rises and falls, but most of our work has always brought success. Why?

Because we don’t expect, envision results – we work to make it happen. Each day we invest to get better, to grow stronger, and produce your future excellent result, in video materials, in each photograph you will need in your marketing, and in your marketing as well.

Take a look…


We specialised in developing, writing and producing branded content; rooted in deep strategic insights that deliver results and build brand equity. You brand equity. Independently if you are a production house, a marketer, a marketing agency (traditional or new age model based) – we are project based to act as an agency or a production company, standing up for efficiency and a lean model, guaranteeing outstanding results for you.

Our evolution was on double fronts: business-wise and technology-wise. We can work with contracts inside and out, depending on your needs.

We have become unique. Not for our innovative technology offer – but, with the quality of Celt Teamwork that makes the magic behind the avantgarde equipment.

Uniqueness is a question of combination of elements, not all are technology…most are passionate professionals that heart our legacy:
Our world is for talents that use 1% of what they are born with and 99% of techniques learned. None separately would ever become a unique expertise, none make magic, none singularly make A.r.t.

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